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Match Day 13-30-31 July

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

This weekend we celebrate Women In League and it is our opportunity to acknowledge the essential contribution all women make to the game. To all Tigers women-mothers, managers, committee members, volunteers and supporters-We salute you. You work tirelessly supporting our club and inspiring the current and future generation of young women who want to play their part and make their mark in the game. Thank you from everyone at the club because without you, we wouldn't be who we are today.

We also received an update on the finals series from the JRL and both U12 competitions will be moving to a 6 team play off series, which effectively means both the Bronze and Silver teams will be certain of playing in the finals at the end of the season. There is still a lot to play for as both teams will be looking to finish as high as they can to secure a favourable spot in the finals. The U15 competition is yet to agree on a 6 team finals series but if it happens then the Tigers Silver team will be in with a shout if they can finish the regular season strongly. Let's get to the action from a packed day in Tigertown.

U6 Green Tigers 52 Gymea Gorillas 44

The Tigers started really well with a try on the first set to Robert Couley. The Tigers were tackling ferociously and the Gorillas were struggling to make ground, until a neat side step got them level. A strong run by Robert Couley set up Jake McMillan to get the Tigers ahead. Both teams settled into the game and started to attack each others try line. An amazing individual try to the Logan Jones who ran the whole Gorillas team in circles, causing complete dizziness before scoring in the corner, then a try to Ollie Trevillian gave the Tigers a 16-12 lead.

Some strong tackling by the Tigers forced a Gorillas error and a strong run by Robert Couley got the Tigers close again. From the play the ball Layken Koprivic darted from dummy half to score in the corner. Some strong tackles by Jake McMillan managed to keep the Gorillas out for a couple of sets before the pressure eventually resulted in a try to get the score to 20-16. The Tigers scored again through Jake McMillan to take a 24-20 half time lead.

The Gorillas scored straight from the kick off before Jake McMillan scored to put the Tigers ahead. A great tackle by Layken Koprivic stopped the Gorillas attack but on the next set they scored to level the scores at 28-28. Logan Jones picked the ball up on the next set to score a length of the field try to put the Tigers ahead again. Both teams started to go try for try for the remainder of the quarter with the score 40-36 to the Gorillas at at three quarter time.

In the fourth quarter the Tigers pulled away with tries to Jake McMillan (2), Layken Koprivic and Daniel Romyn to give the Tigers a 52-44 win. This was another great performance by the U6 team who are playing with real confidence. It is pleasing to see the tries are being shared amongst the whole team and we look forward to watching further development from the U6's next week.

Player of the Game: Connor Lehane and Layken Koprivic

Tigers Spirit Award: Jake McMillan

U7 Green Tigers 68 Cronulla Caringbah Sharks 20

It would be fair to say that watching the U7's is a thing of beauty, they play for each other, they are skillful and play with such energy, that you feel fatigued just watching them. They got back to winning ways today and put in an impressive performance against a strong Sharks team.

A good run by Kade Jones got the Tigers going forward before some strong defence stopped the Sharks and in the change over Arlo Gibbons scored a good try, stepping through the defence to put the Tigers ahead, the Sharks equalized on the next set before Harrison Payne scored to put the Tigers ahead. Harrison Payne scored again to give the Tigers a 12-4 lead, and Caleb Dawson scored for the Tigers to go out to a 16-4 lead at quarter time.

Harrison Payne scored again before the Sharks got one back through a great individual try stepping through the Tigers defence. Harrison Payne got his third with a strong run around the defence to give the Tigers a 24-8 lead. Some strong defence from the Tigers kept the Sharks at bay before Caleb Dawson scored a good try through the middle to put the Tigers out to a 28-8 half time lead.

In the second half a great try to Hendrix Crawley put the Tigers further ahead before the Sharks go a deserved try with a good run in the corner. Hendrix Malaki got another one for the Tigers before the Sharks scored again to get the score back to 40-16. Two tries to Caleb Dawson and one to Kade Jones finished the quarter strongly for the Tigers to give them a 52-16 lead.

In the last quarter three tries to Caleb Dawson and one to Kade Jones gave the Tigers a winning margin of 68-20. There were strong performances from Harrison Payne and Arlo Gibbons in the first half and Kade Jones was a constant threat throughout the game. Caleb Dawson scored 7 tries and put in another solid allround performance.

Player of the Game: Kade Jones

Tigers Spirit Award: Sonny Faughey

U8 Green Tigers 8 Cronulla Caringbah Sharks 30

Hayden Walker played his 50th game today-Well done Hayden great effort.

Sharks scored first from a Tigers mistake to go ahead 6-0. The Tigers got on the board straight away with a great run on the outside to get it back to 6-4. A strong run by Levi Horne set up Aston Gibbons to score and give the Tigers an 8-6 lead. On the next set the Sharks scored again to go out to a 12-8 lead.

A good run by Zac May got the Tigers close and then some good defence by Malachi Kane, Max Horne and Hayden Walker won the ball back and Levi Horne nearly scored under the posts. The Tigers held the Sharks for four tackles before a gap on the wing allowed the Sharks to score and take an 18-8 lead.

Some strong defence by both teams forced several errors before a couple of good runs by Charlotte Dart advanced to Tiger to the try line. On the next Sharks set they created a gap and scored to go out to a 24-8 lead. A good run by Hudson Amor and then Hudson Palmervale got the ball to Charlotte Dart who made good yards before being tackled.

In the final quarter the Sharks put on the first points to go 30-8 ahead. Both teams attacked each other but found it hard to break through the line as all players were tackling strongly. The U8's were in this game for long periods but a lack of organisation on the field cost them points. The talent and skill is definitely there for the U8's and they don't lack passion, so fingers crossed they can get a win next week.

Player of the Game: Joey Jones Rodriguez

Tigers Spirit Award: Max Horne

U12 Bronze Tigers 26 Cronulla Caringbah Sharks 14

Cronulla started strongly before a knock on in the play the ball gave the Tigers the ball. A great run by Liam Good got the Tigers in good position and quick hands got the ball to Bede Staniforth to put the Tigers ahead 6-0. Another dropped ball by the Sharks gave the ball back to the Tigers and Levi Dawson nearly scored but was tackled close to the line. The Sharks had some good moments on the next set before Lewis Amesbury made a break on the left. A great covering tackle by the Sharks, held the Tigers up before the ball was worked to Bede Staniforth who got over the line through heavy traffic and put the Tigers ahead 12-0.

A good set by the Sharks got them to the try line but another mistake gave the ball back to the Tigers. A strong run by Mason Holiday got the Tigers over the halfway line and the Tigers worked the ball forward to see Liam Good score under the posts and put the Tigers 16-0 ahead. The Sharks got on the board after a desperate set saw the ball being passed through multiple hands before scoring in the corner 16-4. On the next set Bede Staniforth picked the ball up in his own half and stepped through the tiring Sharks defence to score again and give the Tigers a 22-4 lead at halftime.

The Tigers attacked on the first set of the second half. The Sharks were showing more enthusiasm and holding the Tigers and also making good metres when on attack. This paid off for the Sharks and they scored again to get the score back to 22-8. The Tigers were looking ragged before Lewis Amesbury took control and collected the ball in the middle of the field and then ran around the defence to score and put the Tigers ahead 26-8. On the next set the Sharks continued to go forward and scored again to get to 26-14 and were looking to finish the game strongly.

An incredible gather by Jensen Bunyan saw him outsprint the Sharks covering defender and run to the posts but as he was about to place the ball down a desperate covering tackle knocked the ball out and prevented a certain try. In the final minute the Sharks pressured but the Tigers held firm to hold out the game and win 26-14. The Tigers came into this game over confident and they will have to switch on in the remaining games and finals if they are to have a chance of winning the Premiership.

Player of the Game: Bede Staniforth

U12 Silver Tigers 44 Kingsgrove Colts 4

The Silvers put in another dominant performance against a top four team. Coming up against a much bigger team, they were brave, determined and played with a maturity beyond their years in defeating the Colts.

The Tigers attacked in the first set and broke through the Colts defence with ease. The Tigers worked it to the left and looked certain to score but dropped the ball on the line. In the next set the Tigers held the Colts big boys and managed to make ground working the ball through hands. The ball was worked to Billy Dunn who stepped around the defence to score and put the Tigers 6-0 ahead. In the next set the Tigers advanced and worked the ball across the line and held the Colts in the end goal. A knock on from the kick stopped the Tigers momentum.

The game was finely balanced with the Colts working their way into the game and the Tigers looking like they can score each attack. The Colts pressure finally paid off scoring in the corner to get the score back to 6-4. Some good defence from the Tigers on their line held the Colts out and a break by Liam Good and then Billy MacDonald got the ball to Zac Porter who scored to put the Tigers ahead 12-4. In the last minute a fantastic break by Hudson Lane running from the 5 metre line to the Colts 10 metre line before he was tackled. Quick play by the Tigers worked the ball to Jack Nolan who ran down the right to score after the bell and give the Tigers a 16-4 halftime lead.

The Tigers received the ball and a strong run out of defence by Mason Holiday got the Tigers going forward and some good play created a chance for Levi Dawson who was held up 10 metres out. Ethan Coleman was cutting through the Colts forwards and was well supported by Zac Porter and Billy Dunn. In the next set the Tigers rolled forward and great interplay saw Zac Porter running onto the ball with speed and score diving under the post to give the Tigers a 22-4 lead.

Another strong run by Mason Holiday got the Tigers going forward again and a great surge by Hudson Wilcox opened up big gaps and the allowed Mason De Luca to run at the ball with speed and score to put the Tigers 28-4 ahead. The Tigers were having lots of joy against a tiring Colts and an intelligent kick to the wing was collected by Mason Bailey who stepped inside to score in the corner and put the Tigers further ahead 34-4. In the final minutes the Colts lifted their energy to see the game out strongly but the Tigers held firm and another try to Bailey Mason gave the Tigers a 40-4 lead. With one minute to go, a great break by Hudson Wilcox put the score out to 44-4 and give the Tigers a convincing win.

The Silvers are putting an impressive run of results together and are playing with belief and confidence, in each other and the team as a whole. A bye next week comes at a bad time for the team but hopefully results go their way and they will go deep into the finals.

Player of the Game: Ethan Coleman

U15 Silver Tigers 28 De La Salle 10

In another must win game for the Tigers they come up against a decent De La Salle team who put in a strong performance against Gymea last week.

The Tigers gave De La Salle early ball by infringing the ten metres and when they did get the ball they gave it straight back to De La Salle from a knock-on. On the next set De La Salle crossed the line after some good work on the right and go ahead 4-0. On the Tigers next set Blake Burke made good metres up the middle and then Albie Lamaro also found space up the middle before working the ball wide for Kobi Porter to score and put the Tigers ahead 6-4. A well worked short kick by De La Salle nearly resulted in a try but the Tigers defence forced a knock on to get the ball back.

The Tigers kicked early in the set and a kind bounce allowed Kade Bergman to collect and advance. The Tigers worked the ball right and some great interplay between Luke Fenton and Tommy Robinson created space for Jacob Way to score and put the Tigers ahead 10-4. The Tigers were starting to assert themselves and Blake Burke, Alex Moussa and Jai McEwen were making good ground through the defence. A good back line move put Alex Mantik in space and he used his speed to evade defenders and score under the posts and put the Tigers ahead 16-4. In the final minute the Tigers continued to attack and an amazing passage of play that resembled the Harlem Globetrotters saw the Tigers throwing the ball around in search of a try. Some enterprising play by Alex Moussa got the ball out to Kobi Porter who was able to get the ball down in the tightest of spaces to give the Tigers a 20-4 halftime lead.

The second half got underway with a strong run by Harry Melbourne dancing through the forward line. A penalty gave De La Salle early ball before knock on gave the ball back to the Tigers. Another penalty got De La Salle going forward and a sin bin reduced the Tigers to 12 players after Kobi Porter was adjudged to have made a dangerous tackle. Repeated penalties to De La Salle for infringements allowed them to score and get back to 20-10 midway through the second half. The Tigers were then reduced to 11 players after Kade Bergman was sin binned for a high tackle and the Tigers were under pressure from all sides.

De La Salle may have been winning the penalty count but the Tigers were refusing to let them win the game. The second sin bin galvanised the Tigers and a mistake by De La Salle gave the ball back to the Tigers and a strong run by Albie Lamaro got the Tigers to the De La 20 metre line. Some quick play got the ball to Harry Melbourne who built up a head of steam and bulldozed his way across the line and score an important try for the Tigers and put them 24-10 ahead. On the next set Alex Moussa burst through the middle and good runs by Blake Burke and Albie Lamaro created an overlap for Bailey Murray to score and put the Tigers 28-10 ahead. The Tigers continued to attack in the final minutes in search of another try but the clock beat them to it.

An impressive performance by the U15s who were under pressure the whole game sees them going into next week with some much needed confidence.

Player of the Game: Kobi Porter

U18 Merged Tigers/Crocs De La Salle-Forfeit

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