Register for the Tigers   in 2022
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Tiger Cubs  3-6
Have Fun


The perfect program to have fun, meet new friends and develop new skills. The Tiger Cub Program runs for 8 weeks prior to the season and boys and girls can develop their confidence, learn the basics about the game and have fun at the same time. 

Junior League 
Learn the Basics


A great way for boys and girls to learn about the game, stay fit and make some new friends. Everyone gets a go and Junior League is a great way to learn new skills and find your place in the team. It’s fun, fast and a great start to a long career.

 Youth League
Develop your   Skills

Between 12-16 the game gets faster and the players are stronger and at this age boys and girls play in their own teams. Skill levels are high, and teams start to develop their own playing identity. The footy is sensational and the tries even better.

Blues Tag
Excitement  Plus

Tag is a great way to play the game with all the skill but without the contact. Get a group of mates together and join a team, develop your skills, score bags of tries and have great fun at the same time.

Seniors League
Stay on  your Game

Footy at 16 plus is about your mates and your team. Players are more experienced and usually have a few seasons under their belt. Senior footy is a great way to stay fit, be part of a team and create some magic that will long be remembered by your mates.


How to Register

If you would like to play for the Tigers it couldn’t be easier just follow the four steps below.


Step 1

Go to the Play Rugby League site and search using to suburb, Yarrawarrah, the postcode 2233 or the name of the club Yarrawarrah Tigers.


Step 2

To register you have to have an NRL account. If you don’t have an NRL account just follow the prompts to create one during the registration process. If you had a previous LeagueNet account you will be prompted to create a new log in and account through Once you have found the Yarrawarrah Tigers just select ‘Register’.


Step 3

Login to your NRL Account and select the participant you wish to register or click ‘Add New Participant’. Once logged into your account, any participant that had registered in the previous system with that email will already be linked to your account and ready for registration.


Step 4

Complete the registration form, ensuring the type of Registration field is correct as per the role you are registering to (i.e. If you are registering to play Rugby League, ensure this field says ‘Player Tackle’ or if you are registering as a Coach, ensure this field says ‘Coach’ etc.)