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Inspire the Next Generation-You Won't Regret It

2021 is shaping up to be a great season for the Yarrawarrah Tigers and due to demand, we need extra coaches, trainers and managers. Yes, it is a commitment and yes, it is additional work but we guarantee you will get so much more in return.

If your son or daughter is playing for the Tigers this year, why not get involved in one of the teams, you would be most welcome, well supported and the kids would appreciate your involvement.

Please see a brief overview of each role below:

Team Manager

Team managers, have to be organised friendly and outgoing. They keep the team updated and informed on what is happening around the club and make sure everyone has the right details on match day. Managers complete the weekly match scores and report and set up a team WhatsApp group so people can share photos, videos and share updates and news. We are looking for Team Managers in our Cubs Program, U6 Teams, U8 Team and U11 Team.

Team Coach

Team Coaches are positive and enthusiastic role models who will have a positive influence on players and parents. All Coaches are required to attend a NSWJRL coaching, or league safe course. As a Tigers Coach you will provide encouragement and direction to players and will be good motivators, have excellent communication skills and have a good understanding of the game. We are looking for Team Coaches in our U11 and U13 teams.

Team Trainer

Team Trainers work in conjunction with the coach to ensure all players have the required fitness and skills to represent their team. Trainers ensure that sessions are safe, healthy and enjoyable and create a positive and encouraging environment. Team Trainers are good communicators, are usually quite energetic and have good organisations skills. We are looking for Team Trainers in our U6 and U13 teams.

If you are interested in any of these roles in season 2021 please make contact with us via our website, by leaving a message, letting us know what role, and what team you would be interested in being involved with.

Please click contact us and go to the bottom of the website to leave us a message.

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