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Grand Final Preview U9's

The U9's meet the Como Crocs in Saturdays Grand Final and it promises to be a great game between the two in-form teams of the Division 2 Silver Competition. In a quirk of fate both teams played each other in the last round of the season and the Yarra-Titans ran out winners 52-36.

We are expecting a much closer game this time around and the team will have to be on top form to defeat a strong and well organised Como outfit. Will the merged team kick off a memorable season with a Premiership, or will the Crocs take a chunk out of the Yarra-Titans, there is not a great deal separating these teams and it may well come down to which team handles the pressure better on the day.

Let's have a look at some of the statistics leading into the game to see if they can help us predict a winner. The Yarra-Titans have the better numbers on the ladder with 6 wins to Como's 4 and a better points difference +140 to Como's +2.

The two teams are closely matched in the scoring department and both have strong attacks who can put on points quickly. The Yarra-Titans narrowly shade Como in the points for column scoring 310 points to Como's 280, a 30 point difference but it's the defence that paints a different picture and may well hold the key to this game.

The U9's are well known for their attacking flair and can score all across the park but it is defence were the team has a real advantage. The Yarra-Titans have conceded 108 points less than the Crocs, letting in a measly 170 points to Como's 278 and if the Yarra-Titans can maintain their defensive line, tackle well and not let Como get on the outside, this may well be the deciding factor at the weekend.

In the last 3 games the Yarra-Titans have conceded just 52 points and scored an impressive 152 with wins against; Aquinas 40-16, Engadine 60-0 and the Crocs 52-36 and Tommy the Tiger predicts the Yarra-Titans to continue their unbeaten run and good form to win the game 46-18.

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