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Get Involved-Lend a Hand-Have Your Say

The 2020 Season is nearly behind us with just the Team Awards and the AGM to come before we can finally say goodbye to an unusual year.

The Tigers AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 28 October starting at 7:00 pm. It will be held at the clubhouse, and we invite all members, parents, uncles and grandparents to attend. We are a small club that relies on the goodwill and hard work of a few local legends, and next year we would love to share that workload amongst a bigger parent group.

We are looking for additional people to get involved in the club and the committee. We need new ideas, some fresh energy and more hands and heads to run our precious club. If you can donate some time, would like to get involved more formally as a coach, manager or committee member, or you would simply like to learn more about the teams and the club, please come along to the AGM on Wednesday.

Speaking from experience, I joined as club secretary last year, it was a steep learning curve and some weeks I did feel a little overwhelmed with the number of things I had to do. Having said that, there was always someone available to help out, and I have had the most enjoyable year getting to know everyone involved with the club, and knowing that my contribution is valued and making a difference. I took on the role of promoting the club through social media, and the highlight for me has been getting to watch the games and seeing the sheer enjoyment and joy the players get when pulling on the jersey and running out onto the field. You can't help but smile and it has been the perfect tonic for me to get through the working week.

There are so many jobs, big and small that are needed to be done in any football club and the beauty is, that every little bit helps. If you have a son or daughter who plays for the club and you would like to get more involved or just help out, come along to the AGM on Wednesday, we would love to talk to you. Every little bit helps and the more of us that can lend a hand, help out or take on a role to take the club forward-then all the better, for the club, the kids and the community.

See you on Wednesday then!

John Kelly-Tigers Club Secretary

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