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A True Tiger Champion

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Chad Townsend has been handed one of the highest honours handed to an athlete from their junior club.

When playing sport as a junior, arriving at your local ground is arguably the most exciting time of the week. You run out of the car, boots on and away you go. Growing up living and breathing rugby league, Townsend would pull on the Yarrawarra Tigers jersey at Yarrawarrah Oval on Wheatley Road with dreams of one day playing in the NRL.

Today, the next generation get to do that very same thing at a very special place; Chad Townsend Oval. To have a sporting oval in your own name is something special and is something that Townsend feels very honoured to have bestowed on him.

“I’m extremely proud of this,” said Townsend. “The Tigers were such a big part of my life growing up and today, they still mean a lot to me.

To have the Oval I used to play on as a junior named after me is something that is really, really humbling. “The Club has given me lifelong memories and some really great friends so this really is an honour.”

From here on, Townsend will have this honour with him for the rest of his life. No doubt up there with the Premiership success of 2016!

On behalf of everyone in the Tigers family, we’d like to congratulate Chad on this great achievement.

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