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2021 Season Registrations Open 1 December 2020

The 2021 season registrations open on 1 December 2020.

Last season, despite the challenges of Covid and a reduced playing season, the Tigers enjoyed a successful year across many fronts. We had two Premiership winning teams, our junior team playing numbers were the highest they have been in years and the number of girls who joined the club doubled from the previous year. We had a lot to celebrate and a great deal to cheer.

Next season we have some exciting new initiatives that we want to roll-out;

  • We hope to introduce a Tigers Cub Program to allow younger players between 3-5 years to get a taste for the game. Enquiries and interest has been positive so far and we hope to start this program in 2021.

  • Interest in our junior teams has been high and we hope to supplement our playing numbers with even more player signings this year. Our goal is to run three U6 teams in 2021and we hope this sets the platform for players to progress through the grades with the Tigers.

  • The success of our merged U9 team in winning the Premiership, we hope will attract some new players in this age group, and this team can then go on and have an even more successful season in 2021.

  • We have a strong group of teams in the U11, U13 and U14 age group and again we are hoping to attract some new signings to these teams, which will provide some much needed depth and increased competition.

  • We would love to run a girls tag team next season, and if we can attract enough players this is an area that we would love to grow and challenge the dominance of our local rivals the Dragons and Bulldogs.

Season Goals

Last season the committee set itself and the club some pretty big goals to improve our standing as a local grassroots club and promote ourselves as a dynamic, inclusive and family friendly club. We are pleased to report that we made significant progress against these goals and in 2021 we have set ourselves even higher expectations that we hope to reach over the season ahead.

In 2021 our club goals are;

  • Increase player registrations across all teams and have a special focus on our mini teams as they will be the future of the club

  • Continue to make the Yarrawarrah game day experience one of the best in the junior league

  • Continue to be a fun, family friendly inclusive club for local kids and promote this and our club values to encourage others to get involved

  • Communicate widely across the club, share our results, photos and achievements so others can stay informed and celebrate our success

  • Be competitive and have a clear point of difference from other local clubs and teams-We have fun, we play fair, we support each other and everyone gets a chance to shine

If our goals and culture match yours and you are thinking of joining a club for the first time then we would love to hear from you. If you have been playing for a couple of seasons, and you are now looking to find a club that shares the same values and playing culture, we would also love to hear from you.

Join us and together let's make 2021 a season to remember.

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